“The 10 Most Influential Stores in Menswear”

April 29, 2014

We are truly honored to be named to this prestigious list for 2014. Many thanks go out to Karen and Stu Grossman for doing the research and seeking out the best of the best. Thank you to our peers for constantly pushing us to be innovative. Huge thank you to Rick Gaby for giving all of us at A.K. the opportunity to prove ourselves and for pushing us towards excellence.

We look forward to staying humble and continuing to serve our friends in the best way we know how.


“We’re so excited about this year’s winners,” says Karen Alberg Grossman, MR‘s editor in chief. “In an era of rapidly changing retail parameters, one in which consumers are calling the shots, merchants who manage to innovate while staying true to their core values truly deserve recognition. I look forward to learning some of their secrets, and to celebrating their accomplishments with the wonderful industry execs who are there to honor them. The dinner will be held on July 21 at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York. For more information call 212-710-7413.

The 10 Most Influential Stores in Menswear are:



Bergdorf Goodman



Harry Rosen


Mitchells/Richards/Marshs/Wilkes Bashford

Mr. Porter

Stanley Korshak


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