Q&A with Isaia Representative Brian Cook

September 1, 2015

Q: What inspired the ISAIA FW 2015/16 collection?  

A: Within the FW 2015/16 collection, which was inspired by the frescoes and mosaics of Pompeii, ISAIA presents:  “Eros in Pompeii”.  Pompeii is widely renowned for its extraordinary frescoes and exquisite mosaics , that adorn the insides of the stately villas. ISAIA Napoli has found an amazing source of inspiration in the beautiful textures and remarkable hues of these mosaics that now inform FW 2015 collection. Each tile of these mosaics is a brilliant example of color, design and form on its own, however, in unison they create something compellingly stunning.  In this spirit, ISAIA has tirelessly studied the design, form and color of individual pieces that when put together present something phenomenal. This season’s melton is a set of ornate monochromatic tiles, which form the common thread that tie together the complete collection.


Q: What sets an ISAIA suit apart from the rest?   

A: First is the handwork that is essential to the fit and performance of an ISAIA garment. The human element of these artisans with skills inherited from father to son and mother to daughter over the last 90 years is a lot of good magic to put into something that you wear.  It’s important to note that ISAIA is a 100% family owned and made in Italy company.  The ISAIA family is one of  the roots of the tree that is Neapolitan Sartorial.  Neapolitan tailors were the first to produce luxury garments fulfilling the requests of European royalty and aristocracy. Second would be the fabrics that we use.  Our fabric designer, Leonardo Genova is a 3rd generation insider in the the fabric trade Italy.  His knowledge, skills and relationships allow ISAIA to create exclusive designs and colorations in clothing and sportswear.  Lastly, I really love the fact that the ISAIA look and fit can accommodate a super traditional client or someone looking for a bit more fashion. The Made-to-Measure garments are truly special.  

Q: What is the ISAIA team most excited about for Fall 2015?

A: In ISAIA news, the most exiting thing will be the opening of our first New York boutique on Madison Ave.  We opened a location in LA earlier this year, but I think New York is the target for any growing Italian clothing company.  I know we are all very proud here on the US team, but for the Isaia family this is truly a triumph and a culmination of so much hard work.  I can not wait for the opening party; most of the family will be in New York for the event and I am really looking forward to seeing them so happy with what we’ve accomplished.  In terms of the coming Fall season, I think the most compelling items in the Made-to-Measure selection are the new luxury boxes that will only be available for the days of the shows.  In them you will find Super 180s, Super 200’s, Super 220’s and Vicuna blends for suits, and Cashmere and Vicuna for Jackets and overcoats along with a superb selection of super-fine dress shirts to fill out the offering.  In addition, I am also traveling with a very limited edition set of suit fabrics that will only accommodate 8 suits worldwide for the season.  So, the client will have something very rare and special in the SOLO 8 suitings.

Stop by A.K. Rikk’s September 2nd and 3rd for our special Made-to-Measure event. Brian Cook will be in store to assist with fittings, fabrics, and more.

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