Rock is dead…

March 4, 2009

…or so the aficionados would say. Monday, John Varvatos opened his newest venture in the fusion of fashion with the rock and roll lifestyle. The former birthplace of punk, CBGB on 315 Bowery, in New York City is now transformed into the epitome of John Varvatos stores. It will house all four aspects of the brand, as well as exclusive vintage rock-wear per a co-op with fellow Village fashion house What Comes Around Goes Around.

The main room is the right mix of tribute, art and commerce. The rot and the smells are gone as are the infamous anything goes bathrooms, however the rest is the same in some way. The walls are still covered with layers of scribbling and posters, the ceiling is black and the original bar remains (minus the inch thick lacquer of whiskey).

Wether or not you agree with the bastardization of this piece of rock lore, we can all rest assured (purist or not) that at least John has saved the club from ending up as another Starbucks.

In his own words John expresses how he feels about his brand and the store:
 “I try to do clothes for guys who want to look masculine but who don’t want to have to worry about looking like a fashion victim every time they walk out of the house.”

By A.K. Rikk's   /  

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