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Book of the Week – Andy Warhol: Polaroids

September 17, 2015

“A picture means I know where I was every minute. That’s why I take pictures. It’s a visual diary.” – Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was a relentless chronicler of life and its encounters. Carrying a Polaroid camera from the late 1950s until his death in 1987, he amassed a huge collection of instant pictures of friends, lovers, patrons, the famous, the obscure, the scenic, the fashionable, and himself. Created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, this book features hundreds of these instant photos, many of them never seen before.

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Building Blocks

May 3, 2011

Came across this little gem in this month’s I-D magazine. Design guru’s at The House collaborated with current Herman Miller art director Andy Cruz to create this intriguing puzzle that nods to Warhol, Montessori, Nelson, Eames and Girard! The concept was based on the idea of the Herman Miller cardboard box that over the decades has been used to deliver American modernism to your front door. In case you would like to get a hold of one of these puzzles all you need is a plane ticket to Japan. They are only available at the Herman Miller showroom store in Tokyo!

“Safe Travels!”

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Solving your Sartorial Conundrums for 30 Years!

April 11, 2011

It has finally arrived in print, and I just got mine in the mail today! Glenn O’Brien’s How to Be a Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Man (Rizzoli Publications). You might know Glenn from his monthly contribution to GQ magazine as their registered Style Guy. As a founding member of Warhol’s Factory and a critic for Andy’s Interview magazine, to his involvement with Basquiat in the 80’s New York art scene, O’Brien is always on top of the fashion social order and has been a go to for years when my conundrum filled life needs style solutions.

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