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The Met Gala: the Boys

May 6, 2014

“White Tie with Decorations.” ┬áThat is what she said, Anna Wintour that is. When AW says jump…yea you get it. So here are the guys that listened. (White tie is significantly dressier then regular black tie; it means a white vest and white tie underneath a coat with tails. Some would even go so far as to say white gloves as well)

1)The always perfect Tom Ford in Tom Ford, and Benedict Cumberbatch in Ralph Lauren

2)Kanye West in Lanvin (great modern take on classic white tie)

3)John Legend in Ralph Lauren (have to make a note of girlfriend Chrissy Teigen also in RL…what a dressed pair!)

4)Matt Bomer

5)We’ll let Paul Rudd fly by with this one…(Call your favorite A.K. stylist for advice next time!)

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