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Sweater Weather

December 14, 2012

I’m not sure about you but I’m seriously so cold during the winter that I’m constantly wearing a sweater. I know some of you ladies are nodding your head, agreeing with me right now. Guys, I’m not sure why your body temperature is ten degrees warmer than ours, but good for you. I’m always cold. If I could shower in a sweater, I think I would. So if you wear them as much as I do, you’re going to need to know how to maintain your sweaters. Luckily Valet Magazine put out a guide to sweater maintenance and I’m here to summarize it for you:

De-Fuzzing: to get rid of pilling, get yourself a sweater stone that pulls the little guys from the threads, but leaves a smooth finish on the sweater.

Snags: fix a snag or loose thread by turning it sweater inside out and using a pin to pull the thread back into the inside of the sweater. Then knot the yarn close to the fabric and trim the excess.

Soften: Yes, there’s a way to fix the scratchiness of a sweater!! I wasn’t too far off when I said I wanted to take my sweater into the shower…

First hand-wash the sweater by filling your sink or bathtub 3/4 of the way with cold water. If you don’t have Woolite, add two spoonfuls of regular hair shampoo, stir, then immerse your sweaters into the water. Let it soak for 5 minutes. Swish around and work the suds through the fabric. Drain the water and rise with cool water to remove suds. Ball sweater slightly and then press out excess water.

Then, fill the tub halfway with lukewarm water and mix in two or three tablespoons of high-quality hair conditioner. Submerge the wool sweater for at least 30 minutes. Rinse the sweater throughly and once clean, lay onto a clean towel and roll up, pressing out the excess water. Unroll, smooth out any weird lines and wrinkles, and shift the sweater back into shape. Lay flat to dry completely.

Take good care of your sweaters and they’ll keep you warm and take care of you during these chilly months! If you’re lacking, A.K. Rikk’s has some terrific sweaters, men’s and women’s, that will definitely keep you cozy!

** UPDATE **

Thanks to Mary in Battle Creek, a “fiber artist and knitter,” we’ve recently learned that Woolite can remove color from some fibers and sweaters. She recommends using Soak or Eucalan for more delicate fibers. Thanks, Mary!

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Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket

October 20, 2012

First appearing in 1988 in an issue of L’ Officiel Hommes the above jacket from C.P. Company is a classic that will never change. The brand has reproduced this jacket in a different fabric for the last quarter of a century. Our buyers perspective on this lifestyle brand is now fully delivered and shop-able at the store!

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April 22, 2010

Before wall street and the tech boom; before cruise control, air conditioning, and the sofa recliner, what were we?

We were men, hard working, darkened by the sun, and calloused. We didn’t owe anyone anything, and we didn’t whine about what we felt we deserved. 

In the past year the fashion industry has been searching for these men, or at least trying to emulate them. The resurgence of “workwear” and military inspired lines lend to a need for men to dig deep and figure out what made them.

A predecessor to these attempts has been a mainstay at our boutique for almost a decade. 



the last pic is a preview of Fall 2010

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