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“The bags under my eyes are designer.”

August 27, 2013


*yawn* It’s only Tuesday? We’re very busy here at A.K. Rikk’s, getting ready for fall. Linda is completely swarmed by deliveries, people have the right-mind to come in early to get their fall goods: early bird gets the first worm! But please stay tuned, we have a calendar full of events and trunk shows coming soon! 

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August 12, 2013

Another addition to this fall’s womenswear lineup is J Brand Ready-to-Wear. Although we have had the “J Brand” label before in the store, there is a difference between J Brand Denim and J Brand Ready-to-Wear- a huge one. Known for its incredible fits due to their variety of styles that allows nearly everyone to fit into some sort of J Brand pant, in the spring of 2012, J Brand CEO and founder Jeff Rudes, creative director Donald Oliver, and collaborators Christopher Kane & Proenza Schouler, launched an entire Ready-to-Wear label. It’s rare for a line to have so many collaborators but it’s what makes J Brand RTW so darn good. Oliver describes J Brand as a “we” rather than “I” culture; “It’s what makes for the most creative environment,” he states in an interview with Vogue. Sounds a lot like the A.K. environment, which makes me like J Brand even more!

When describing J Brand RTW, Oliver describes it as a “modern and confident,”not flashy, and “not trying too hard.” The line pays close attention to texture as it somehow manages to mix contrasting fabrics and make them simple.

The fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection “explores the theme of darkness through a progression of creative archetypes and stages of creative angst.” There are four sequences that capture the beauty of darkness. The first indulges in over simplicity with pitch blacks, neutrals, and icy blues, making minimalist arrangements of leather and fluid-like fabrics. The second sequence explores the play between shadow and light with black, white, and grey relaxed, airy fits. The next then focuses on darkness in the wilderness and nature. With raw materials like wools, leathers, animal prints, and suede, it displays the natural palette of the woods in the fall. The last sequence contains a lot of black velvet that conveys the darkness of art- whether that be from ink, soot, and resins. 

All right, maybe that sounded a little too crazy and in-depth but it demonstrates the thought and detail that went into making this RTW line. Although it looks predominantly black and dark, the texture and artistic lines of the clothing is what makes the J Brand pieces “outfit-makers.”

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Introducing: Jason Wu

August 7, 2013

You should have seen the staff on Monday when Linda was opening the shipments from Jason Wu. Andrea started putting everything on, Matt was shouting through the store (but that’s sort of normal), and Tricia started petting the fur vest. We’re obviously very excited for this new line. While that introduction was fun, I thought I’d give it a more formal welcoming. Here’s the 101 on Jason Wu:

Jason Wu is a Taiwanese-Canadian fashion designer that, like most fashion geniuses, had an early start designing. After moving to Vancouver at age 9, Wu began to learn how to sew, draft patterns, and sketch in fashion proportions by using his dolls and Barbies and mannequins. Sometimes his mother would take him to bridal stores so he could sketch the gowns in the display windows. At the age of fourteen he studied sculpture in Tokyo and when he was a senior in high school, he spent the year in Paris where he decided to become a fashion designer. He then attended Parsons School of Design in NYC. The years after school and before his debut line in 2006, Wu was (and still is!) a freelance designer and creative director for a line of design dolls called Fashion Royalty. He was also once a Narciso Rodriguez intern.

In 2006 Wu launched his eponymous line that was a favorite to “downtown starlets who appreciated his signature brand of fuss-free elegance.” Although well-known in the fashion world, Wu really blew up when First Lady Michelle Obama wore his sparkling white, one-shoulder, chiffon evening gown at her husband’s Inaugural Ball in January 2009. Since then Wu’s designs have been seen all over the red carpet on Reese Witherspoon, Diane Kruger, Julianne Moore, and many more. He is best known for his clean, classic lines and his ability to incorporate bright colors and prints without being flashy. His designs compliment the feminine figure in a old-fashioned, polished-yet somehow modern way.

Random Jason Wu facts:

-He is best friends with model Karlie Kloss. He even designed her senior prom dress in 2011.

-Wu’s muses are “young actresses on the verge of making it.”

-Collected Barbie dolls- 150 dolls to be exact. He said he disassembled them, put them back together, styled their hair, and designed and sewed clothing for them.

-He credits designing clothing for dolls as the reason why he is so particular about the details in his design. Think about how careful you have to be when designing clothing for dolls!

-One childhood influence was from an English tutor who would bring him the latest fashion magazines.

-He exchanged studying the Bible for drawing lessons with a former fashion student who was a door-to-door Jehovah’s Witness.

-Wu didn’t know his dress was selected by First Lady Michelle Obama for the president’s inauguration until he saw it on TV like the rest of us.

-His influences include the photography of Richard Avedon, works of Charles James (America’s first couturier) and Jacques Fath (one of the dominant influences on postwar haute couture), as well as artists Beatriz Milhazes, RenĂ© Gruau, and Barnett Newman.

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Dark hues are on the horizon.

July 17, 2013

This coming Fall season, Isaia is digging deep into the beautiful aged murals of San Gennaro chapel in Naples, named after it’s patron saint. Rich frescos of Pompeii depicting the impending doom of Mt. Vesuvius were used to compose color combinations of okra, rust, and burnt red, on backdrops of deep grays, blues, and brown. 

Boxes are piling up in the back so stay tuned for our big Fall 13 roll out!

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A.G. Jeans Fall 13 Ad Campaign

July 9, 2013

Aside from being relatively trippy and making you wonder if you’ve been drinking at all today… the A.G. Jeans ad campaign is amazing and makes me want to:

a. buy a pair of dark denim pantalones

b. slick my hair

c. buy a motorcycle

d. be a badass

see you later!

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