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Let’s Move Past Skinny Jeans

September 25, 2013

It took us a while to get there, and there are still some of us that don’t feel comfortable wearing them or simply just don’t look their best with skinny jeans on (and that’s OK!), but for those of you who are just plain stubborn and don’t want to try something new, this is for you.

Let’s move past skinny jeans, please.

I’m not telling you to go immediately run to your closet to throw all of your skinnies away, all I am saying is, let’s add some variety, think outside the box, broaden your horizon. You get the point.

I can’t think of a single jean fit/style that isn’t IN style. Right now, we have the luxury to choose from skinny, flare, straight, bootcut, high-waisted, mid-rise, low-rise, distressed, crop, capri, rolled, bell bottoms… they are alllllllllll good! Choose what is right for you. If you don’t know, come ask us. Really, we WANT to make you look good. It’s what we do.

We have a variety of jeans that will fit any body-type so we put three different jean brands/fits on three different body types to demonstrate that YOU can move beyond skinny jeans and into the flare world.

Karina: Karina is a shorty. She’s a mother to an adorable little toddler and has a little curve to her and isn’t ashamed of it. Because she is on the shorter spectrum, we put the Hudson Signature Bootcut on her and look how chic she looks! I know that skinny jeans are easy to move in but basically shows you that you can still be an active momma with flares on. She also proves that the shorter gals can wear flares- just look for the bootcuts- they are made for you!

Erica: Erica is average height so she can basically get away with anything- lucky girl. Because she has skinny legs and had an oversized top and jacket on, we wanted to elongate her look with Mother Denim’s Runaway bootcut. Look at those legs!

Me: Because I am ridiculously (and almost freakishly) tall, I wore the J Brand Martini style because I wanted a little bell-bottom in my life. This style isn’t limited to tall women. Shorter women can rock this look; they just need to get their jeans shortened- bagginess in jeans is what causes shorter women to look shorter, so alter that stuff! A heel or a wedge doesn’t hurt either to lift you up.

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Feelin’ Blue

February 27, 2013

We’re feelin’ a little blue here at A.K. Rikk’s but it’s not because we’re under the weather! Although there are plenty of hot colors this spring, blue is a major one. Looking around the store, it’s as if there are little blue puddles everywhere.

So let’s jump in them!

We have beautiful ocean-inspired dresses from Tibi, florals from Marc Jacobs, blue knits and tees from rag & bone, caftans from Cynthia Vincent, a 60s inspired dress from Alice + Olivia, and all-shades of blue denim from Hudson Jeans. Fellas, I did not forget about you. There are plaid Eton button-ups, blue-leather Ferragamo loafers, tees from Splendid Mills, turquoise bracelets from M. Cohen, and Nudie Jeans with blue stitching instead of the orange!

Phew! So, we might have more than little blue puddles… more like pools? So, instead, let’s go for a dive!

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A.K. Rikk’s and HUDSON jeans’ Halloween Hush Party!

October 27, 2012

Well, the Halloween party went off without a hitch! Chris and Monica (Rabid Monkey and adorable Leopard), our representatives from HUDSON jeans, stayed for the party and helped judge the costume contest! Congratulations to Mike Mraz (Mad Hatter) on winning the $1000 gift card! The second place winners, Kirk and Lori Bush (Dracula and Fallen Angel), received a $500 gift card! Thanks to all who came, especially our HUDSON jeans reps. We are so pleased and honored by the compliments on our store by you guys and can’t wait for next year!

Check out our Facebook for the rest of the images!

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Hudson Jeans Trunk Show

October 23, 2012

All week long! Stop in today through Saturday to check out our huge trunk of fall options for your jean wardrobe! Whether you are looking for a pop of color, a print, or maybe something with a little leather, you will be able to find it here all week! Also, don’t forget that Saturday is our Halloween Hush party sponsored by Hudson jeans! 

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Lou Lou

February 29, 2012

No….not the Yoga gear that seems to be taking over every Starbucks line in the city. The Lou Lou from Hudson jeans, arriving in store this week! Ladies, wear the next time you hit the town and paint it….neon orange!

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