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Capri’s Bourbon Limoncello Made Easy

February 24, 2017

This weekend, taste the flavors of Capri with Bourbon Limoncellos, in celebration of Isaia’s Spring and Summer collection. Mix them at home, or stop by our store February 24th and 25th and have one on us. Furthermore, find the exclusive fabrics of Isaia on Men’s Two with Brian Cook this weekend. Click here to schedule an appointment.


2 oz Bourbon
3/4 oz limoncello
4 oz lemonade
splash of lemon bitters
Fresh mint
Fresh Lemon


Combine bourbon, limoncello, and lemonade. Stir in lemon bitters. Pour over ice and garnish with fresh mint and a lemon twist.

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Q&A with Isaia Representative Brian Cook

September 1, 2015

Q: What inspired the ISAIA FW 2015/16 collection?  

A: Within the FW 2015/16 collection, which was inspired by the frescoes and mosaics of Pompeii, ISAIA presents:  “Eros in Pompeii”.  Pompeii is widely renowned for its extraordinary frescoes and exquisite mosaics , that adorn the insides of the stately villas. ISAIA Napoli has found an amazing source of inspiration in the beautiful textures and remarkable hues of these mosaics that now inform FW 2015 collection. Each tile of these mosaics is a brilliant example of color, design and form on its own, however, in unison they create something compellingly stunning.

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Derby Days with A.K. Rikk’s!

May 5, 2014

On Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 a few members of the A.K. crew went down to Chicago to attend the GQ + Woodford Reserve Derby Event. The Godfrey Hotel’s new venue, the I | O Urban Roofscape was the perfect spot to host all of the fashionable and (dare we say it?) dandy guests. We clinked our festive copper glasses with a number of great people including bloggers from The Chicago Chic, local Chicagoans, and the awarded best-dressed guests of the night. Check out our looks as well as a few of our favorite moments from the night!

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You have one more day…

March 20, 2014

…to clear your schedule! Tomorrow afternoon from noon until 7 we will have the entire Isaia crew here from NYC, including the brand’s president Jim Shay. To celebrate how amazing your Spring wardrobe is going to be we will have the resident Tuttle’s cigar expert here to assist Peter from Martha’s Vineyard in pairing what type of cigar to enjoy along with your wine palette. Along with these sinful enjoyments we will be pouring over Isaia’s Spring fabric books for each of our clients and doing fittings for those garments. This is a guys night unlike any we have done!

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Dark hues are on the horizon.

July 17, 2013

This coming Fall season, Isaia is digging deep into the beautiful aged murals of San Gennaro chapel in Naples, named after it’s patron saint. Rich frescos of Pompeii depicting the impending doom of Mt. Vesuvius were used to compose color combinations of okra, rust, and burnt red, on backdrops of deep grays, blues, and brown. 

Boxes are piling up in the back so stay tuned for our big Fall 13 roll out!

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Men’s Market

July 14, 2013

The temperature on the dash says 89 and its not even noon. The scalding stuffiness is seeping up through the vents covering the New York City metro system. Not even the slightest Atlantic breeze can penetrate the labyrinth of skyscrapers to offer a cooling break from the July sun.

Yup, it’s market week! The men’s team is heading for Metropolis starting this Friday! Just to get you a little inspired here are some pics from Pitti Milan of some of our vendors!

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Robb Report Exclusive….dot, dot, dot

January 27, 2013

As a man of discernment you have always known the guys at A/K for bringing you the best pieces we can get our mitts on. However, sometimes we might just even out-do ourselves. This months Robb Report says so. Check out the above Isaia swim trunks highlight in the mag, we are the ONLY place in the WORLD to get it! Feel free to call ahead to reserve your pair! 

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

November 30, 2012

So now that we’re well into the Holiday season, we thought we’d help you out when it comes to your Holiday shopping. The staff here at A.K. Rikk’s chose some of their favorite things in the store to create a women’s and men’s wish list!

Women’s Wish List:

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag $498

White + Warren wraps $385

alice & olivia red pump $345

Judith Leiber Novelty Cupcake Purse $4295

rag & bone tailcoat $1395

Tom Ford Violet Blonde perfume $185

Marc Jacobs gold watch $250

Green rag & bone hat $195

Red Badgley Mischka gown &595

Olive Brunello Cucinelli overcoat &5615

Tibi sleeveless top $385

Salvatore Ferragamo riding boot $725

Men’s Wish List:

Ralph Lauren silver signet ring $495

Isaia green and navy check sportcoat $3825

Brunello Cucinelli down cardigan jacket $4135

John Varvatos shearling coat $4698

Isaia green cashmere sweater $1295

Brioni reversible down vest $1415

Paul & Shark Corporate Page sweater $585

Donald J Pliner glass beaded loafer $575

Etro Official shoulder bag $1743

Salvatore Ferragamo Double Monk strap shoe $740

Ralph Lauren briefcase $4500

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Why the red coral?

October 10, 2012

This past weekend we had our Isaia trunk show, during which one of the more frequent questions happened to be about the Napoli-based company’s choice on logo-ing. After a glass of red wine and a little dissertation by the brand’s specialist we came to the following explanation:

In Greek mythology, after defeating Medusa, the hero Perseus used her head to petrify Cetus, the sea monster who was threatening his love interest Andromeda. According to local lore, he rested on the banks of the sea at Napoli. There he set the Gorgons head down to wash his hands. When he was ready to depart he noticed that her blood had turned all the sea life red. Even to this day, some Romans still believe that coral can cure wounds made by snakes and scorpions, protect their children from harm, and diagnose diseases by changing different colors. 

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