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Clothes for your kids!

December 3, 2012

As I’m sitting in the children’s room on Knoll’s Suzanne’s Double Lounge Chair for kids, trying very hard not to be distracted by Good Luck Charlie playing on Disney Channel (yep… not afraid to admit that I know what show it is), I’m looking at all of the new Splendid children’s clothing we have at the store. It’s so cute it’s ridiculous. Seriously, I’m considering adopting a child right about now JUST so I can dress the little nugget in this stuff! Waffle shirts, cardigans, tights, baby jeans, flannel shirts, oh.. and ponchos: we can make your baby look cuter than it innately is.

Take a look at the holiday photos our photographer Andrea took a few weeks ago of some of our customers’ adorable children. All of the children are wearing clothing that can be found in our kids’ room! Puppies are from Paws with a Cause.

Michelle our wonderful, wonderful cleaning lady definitely just caught me watching the Disney Channel. That just happened.

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New Friends

September 16, 2012

We are always meeting new friends at the store, especially with our big re-opening! Along with that we would like to introduce our clients to a couple new friends from our home furnishings area…

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