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Robb Report Exclusive….dot, dot, dot

January 27, 2013

As a man of discernment you have always known the guys at A/K for bringing you the best pieces we can get our mitts on. However, sometimes we might just even out-do ourselves. This months Robb Report says so. Check out the above Isaia swim trunks highlight in the mag, we are the ONLY place in the WORLD to get it! Feel free to call ahead to reserve your pair! 

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October 13, 2010

I would like to introduce one of our newest acquisition to A.K.RIKK’S collection of designers: Avon Celli

I believe Frederico Poletti of Italian Vogue says it best:

“Avon Celli is among the oldest Italian knitwear fashion houses, which is relaunching in Milan, where it was founded in 1922. An incredibly fascinating history which began with the intuition of Pasquale Celli, the founder of the brand, who chose the name AVON – a palindrome of NOVA – to give the label an English allure. After beginning with knitted swimwear, which immediately became famous in the Thirties, he also created socks and knitwear: Avon Celli soon managed to establish itself as the first Italian fine knitwear brand, creating unique exclusive items, like the 36 gauges, thanks to high quality working and materials like the Tasmanian merino, cashmere and silk.

Thanks to their elegance and incredible quality these creations soon became a status symbol for many cinema and entertainment Hollywood celebrities, but also in the cultural jet-set world of New York. Over the years Avon Celli conquered such famous names as Frank Sinatra,
Gary Cooper, Ronald Reagan, Clark Gable, Grace Kelly, King Hassan II of Morocco, Sophia Loren and Gianni Agnelli. Thanks to a precious historical archive we can see that even Picasso loved painting while wearing a striped Avon Celli polo…The new Avon Celli starts from its origins also with the particular attention given to English influence in the style. So like Pasquale Celli, who chose the name Avon because of its similarity with English language, was at that times English knitwear was considered to be a symbol of excellence, the contemporary interpretation is also touched by British tailoring influence, creating a knitwear brand which combines the quality of a 100% made in Italy with the artistic and avant garde revisiting of tradition. An icon of a timeless style.”

Also, check out this write up in the Robb Report:

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