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Spring Arrivals: continued

March 21, 2013

We’re not sure where you do most of your shopping (we would hope that it would be here locally), but we are pretty proud of our Spring rag&bone presentation! Outside of the 4 actual RB stores we have visited, this presentation cannot be beaten! The aesthetic that we work hard to bring you is exactly what you would experience from visiting one of their retail locations, and you get to hang out with our awesome staff, enjoy a complimentary beverage, and maybe visit one of the other amazing mini-shops in our beautiful store! Can’t wait to see you for Spring!

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I’ve got Cabin Fever

February 4, 2013

Does anyone remember the Muppet Treasure Island movie? Well I’ve got the “Cabin Fever” song stuck in my head. It’s getting to the point in winter when the prettiness of the snow has worn off, you’re mad because your favorite boots are ruined from salt, you’re losing a little bit of sleep in the morning since you have to leave for work fifteen minutes early, you’re a little bit heavier than normal because salads just aren’t good in cold weather, and your computer has automatically made your home page since you’re constantly looking up flights to the Caribbean.

I’ve got cabin fever. I am so tired of being indoors. And you could say, “Easy, Kendra. Why don’t you go skiing or do something outdoors?” and I’ll respond with, “Why don’t you just shove it?” (apparently I’m getting to the point in winter when I’m a little more hostile?). I need sunshine. I need warmth. I need a vacation.

So here I am with eight tabs open on my Internet browser; all flight options for vacation, but that got overwhelming so I meandered to the sales floor where I came upon the magical world of spring resort wear. And not only that, I found tons of fun tank tops, dresses, and skirts in our clearance. Sure, it’s “winter clearance,” but there is a lot of warm-weather clothing on sale. Take, for instance, this Tibi dress I’m wearing in the photo.

Maybe I’ll let my clothing decide where I go? This says “Cayman Islands,” don’t you think?

Oh, and now this song will be stuck in your head too!

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It’s just a little crush

January 7, 2013

Every once in a while, a jean walks into your life… on a FedEx truck. And it’s not just me. All the AK girls are lusting over these Lilly Polka-Dot Skinny Jeans by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Light-washed denim came back for another summer but in this case it collaborated with the polka-dot trend and created these beautiful babies. All right, I realize I’m getting a little weird, I’ll stop. But let me just say that these jeans are literally ready-to-wear and completely broken in and soft. If it were me, I’d pair them with an old white graphic tee to further the washed-out trend, but they would look very cute with a bright blouse or tank!

And I’ll leave you with this.

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