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All the Single (Strap) Ladies

March 15, 2013

Single-strap stilettos are THE shoe for spring. Images of women wearing them with boyfriend jeans, leggings, skinny jeans, and even work suits are floating around fashion blogs, magazines, and Pinterest. Versatile, sexy, and sophisticated, every designer has their rendition of this shoe. Over the past month we’ve been receiving the shoe from different vendors and we’re proud to show you our collection!

Shown above (from left to right): Alexander Wang, Alexander Wang, rag & bone, Alexander Wang, Tibi, and Tibi. 

We’re so happy with our selection because of its range of colors, their ability to be dressed up or down, and how classic they all are. Which shoe would you choose? 

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Feelin’ Blue

February 27, 2013

We’re feelin’ a little blue here at A.K. Rikk’s but it’s not because we’re under the weather! Although there are plenty of hot colors this spring, blue is a major one. Looking around the store, it’s as if there are little blue puddles everywhere.

So let’s jump in them!

We have beautiful ocean-inspired dresses from Tibi, florals from Marc Jacobs, blue knits and tees from rag & bone, caftans from Cynthia Vincent, a 60s inspired dress from Alice + Olivia, and all-shades of blue denim from Hudson Jeans. Fellas, I did not forget about you. There are plaid Eton button-ups, blue-leather Ferragamo loafers, tees from Splendid Mills, turquoise bracelets from M. Cohen, and Nudie Jeans with blue stitching instead of the orange!

Phew! So, we might have more than little blue puddles… more like pools? So, instead, let’s go for a dive!

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I’ve got Cabin Fever

February 4, 2013

Does anyone remember the Muppet Treasure Island movie? Well I’ve got the “Cabin Fever” song stuck in my head. It’s getting to the point in winter when the prettiness of the snow has worn off, you’re mad because your favorite boots are ruined from salt, you’re losing a little bit of sleep in the morning since you have to leave for work fifteen minutes early, you’re a little bit heavier than normal because salads just aren’t good in cold weather, and your computer has automatically made your home page since you’re constantly looking up flights to the Caribbean.

I’ve got cabin fever. I am so tired of being indoors. And you could say, “Easy, Kendra. Why don’t you go skiing or do something outdoors?” and I’ll respond with, “Why don’t you just shove it?” (apparently I’m getting to the point in winter when I’m a little more hostile?). I need sunshine. I need warmth. I need a vacation.

So here I am with eight tabs open on my Internet browser; all flight options for vacation, but that got overwhelming so I meandered to the sales floor where I came upon the magical world of spring resort wear. And not only that, I found tons of fun tank tops, dresses, and skirts in our clearance. Sure, it’s “winter clearance,” but there is a lot of warm-weather clothing on sale. Take, for instance, this Tibi dress I’m wearing in the photo.

Maybe I’ll let my clothing decide where I go? This says “Cayman Islands,” don’t you think?

Oh, and now this song will be stuck in your head too!

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Spring is Just Around the Corner!

December 10, 2012

The weather outside is frightful, but our 2013 Spring Resort room is so delightful. Ok, so that had few too many syllables, but you catch my drift. As it’s getting progressively colder outsider, it’s getting hotter here at A.K. Rikk’s, figuratively speaking. Chris just finished setting up our Spring Resort room and forget eggnog; I’m craving a piƱa colada on the beach. We have so much fun, new, and colorful women’s clothing for spring. Cynthia Vincent, Haute Hippie, Marc by Marc Jacobs, J Brand, Tibi, and so much more!

So come by the store and get psyched about spring… or spring break! Stop by the bar, we’ll fix you a mai tai and send you upstairs and to the right toward the Spring Resort room! 

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

November 30, 2012

So now that we’re well into the Holiday season, we thought we’d help you out when it comes to your Holiday shopping. The staff here at A.K. Rikk’s chose some of their favorite things in the store to create a women’s and men’s wish list!

Women’s Wish List:

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag $498

White + Warren wraps $385

alice & olivia red pump $345

Judith Leiber Novelty Cupcake Purse $4295

rag & bone tailcoat $1395

Tom Ford Violet Blonde perfume $185

Marc Jacobs gold watch $250

Green rag & bone hat $195

Red Badgley Mischka gown &595

Olive Brunello Cucinelli overcoat &5615

Tibi sleeveless top $385

Salvatore Ferragamo riding boot $725

Men’s Wish List:

Ralph Lauren silver signet ring $495

Isaia green and navy check sportcoat $3825

Brunello Cucinelli down cardigan jacket $4135

John Varvatos shearling coat $4698

Isaia green cashmere sweater $1295

Brioni reversible down vest $1415

Paul & Shark Corporate Page sweater $585

Donald J Pliner glass beaded loafer $575

Etro Official shoulder bag $1743

Salvatore Ferragamo Double Monk strap shoe $740

Ralph Lauren briefcase $4500

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Tibi or not…

July 2, 2012

Our line-up just changed in a big way for Pre-fall and Fall 2012. We are very proud to welcome Tibi into our deck of cards, and give our friends our interpretation of the sophisticated modern woman, the A.K.RIKK’S woman! Enjoy the runway snippet!

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