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Derby Days with A.K. Rikk’s!

May 5, 2014

On Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 a few members of the A.K. crew went down to Chicago to attend the GQ + Woodford Reserve Derby Event. The Godfrey Hotel’s new venue, the I | O Urban Roofscape was the perfect spot to host all of the fashionable and (dare we say it?) dandy guests. We clinked our festive copper glasses with a number of great people including bloggers from The Chicago Chic, local Chicagoans, and the awarded best-dressed guests of the night. Check out our looks as well as a few of our favorite moments from the night!

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To Boot New York Trunk Show

March 13, 2013

Today is a special Wednesday because our To Boot New York trunk show started! Representative Josh Reighard drove up from Chicago, bringing along a variety of samples, giving our customers a larger selection to choose from. I had the privilege of talking with Josh:

K: There’s really not much out there about the company! 

J: Yeah, the coolest thing about our product is that we don’t advertise. We just try to make the best shoes out of Italy at the best price point. 

K:What can you tell me about the team at To Boot New York?

J: It’s Adam Derrick, Mike (the president), and three other people, including myself, that sell the shoes. We’re so much better priced because we’re not paying teams for designer. We have one designer. It’s tight. 

K: Your shoes have such a classic look and feel…

Yes, it’s a classic line, but it’s constantly updated with our own twist. What’s cool is that we can evolve it every season. We don’t have to do the same shoes over and over.

All of the shoe samples are staying until Saturday, March 16th, when the To Boot New York trunk show ends. Thank you, Josh for chatting with me!

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